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Team 97 Fernbank LINKS 2013 Auto Leveling Claw Potentiometer Code
« on: September 11, 2014, 09:29:12 PM »
In 2013 since there were two degrees of freedom in our arm and three degrees of freedom in the claw, controlling the robot required careful integration of software and hardware. To facilitate this, we attached potentiometers to each of the arm joints. We attempted to write a program that used the values from these potentiometers to calculate the angle of the arm based on trigonometric relationships. Using the calculated angle, the program would be able set the servo angles so that the claw remained level at all times.

While this seamed like a great idea at the beginning of the season we quickly learned that it would be one of the most complicated parts on the robot. The first issue we found was when we were figuring out how to transfer the rotation from the arm joints to the potentiometers, this is what eventually led to the failure of the code. We then had to figure out how to calculate the angle to move the servos to which involved trigonometry identities. But once we had the code working we figured out that the way we connected the potentiometers to the arm joint, by rubber covered wheels, was slipping making all of the values wrong. By the time we figured this out it was too late in the competition to redesign it so we ended up scraping the idea.

Attached at the bottom of the file shows the calculations we made in order to get the code working. We hope your able to learn from it.
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